Saturday, March 5, 2011

#2 He Buys Me New Ben and Jerry's Flavors

There is one true enemy to all women. Something so horrid, yet delightful, so depressing, yet uplifting, that we are bound to succumb to it in our moments of weakness, excitement, or even, boredom. No, I do not speak of an immoral or illegal substance, despite its addicting quality that should have it banned from all local convenience stores. Yes, dear reader, I speak of that item in which women have been bound to for ages: ice cream. Specifically: Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

One thing you must understand about me to start with, In the food department, I am a sucker for anything labeled as "new". I actually get excited to try new things. When I hear those words "all new", my heart pitter patters, my breath grows short and quick, and I must get myself in possession of that "new" item before it soon becomes "not new" (also known as "old").

The newest Ben and Jerry's flavor, which I simply had to try out of sheer curiosity and attachment to the newness of it, is called, "Late Night Snack". It involves vanilla bean ice cream, a salty caramel swirl, and fudge covered potato chip pieces. Yes, you read me, potato chip pieces.

The sheer unusualness of such a concoction makes me want to try it. However, it does not always dictate that I will enjoy such a treat. There are two prerequisites to enjoying this ice cream. You must like salt and you must like potato chips. (Yes, I know this might seem obvious, but must still be said.) You must really like potato chips. As in, they must be something you crave for more often than chocolate (and is that even legal for a woman to do??). The fudge covered potato chip pieces are good on first bite. However, the chip pieces stick to the insides of your teeth, in turn, leaving a strong salty/potato chip flavor that goes with you as you continue to eat the ice cream, and even stays with you after you have finished. The salty caramel has a subtle salty taste and mixes well with the vanilla bean. If this was just a salted caramel vanilla bean ice cream it would be sublime.

The bottom line, perhaps potato chips are not meant to be mixed with ice cream, even if they are fudge coated. As much as I love caramel (salted or regular) and vanilla bean, I do not think I will be purchasing Late Night Snack to fulfill my womanly ice cream cravings. I would much rather hand dip potato chips into chocolate fondue, while eating caramel swirl vanilla bean ice cream.

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