Friday, November 23, 2012

#80 He Builds Fences

As of a few weeks ago, this was the most recent status of the fence lining our tiny backyard:

I wish I could say that this happened because of Hurricane Sandy.  I wish I could say I watched as the forceful winds made my fence rock back and forth until finally, the wind won out.

Unfortunately, I cannot.

Over the past few weeks, Lowe's has become one of my dear close friends.  This aisle in particular:

And hubby's tush has become a point of interest while I stood in the aisle bored to tears.

 So did Instagram.

In the picture I snapped after this one, hubby had just looked up at me and realized I had been taking pictures of him.  The look on his face is not one I think you want to see.

I received the same look after stalking hubby through the back door as he worked.

I'm pretty sure the last time I did this was years ago when we were engaged.  He was playing soccer.  The teams were shirts and skins.  I guess you can figure which team he was on....

What makes me mostly proud about this whole endeavor is that hubby did this all by himself.  It might not seem a difficult task for some, but hubby sits behind a desk crunching numbers all day.  Building things is not something he has do do daily.

The fact that he can make something out of nothing makes me feel kind of warm inside...

and happy that the neighborhood kids can no longer run through our backyard to get to their destination quicker.

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