Friday, April 12, 2013

#94 He Adheres to the Wisdom of Ralph Kramden

When I was first married I don't think I quite understood the concept of in laws.


I know I didn't get it.

I was the first of my siblings to be married.  Mine was the first marriage I'd ever really been part of.  My family was the only family I ever knew.  They were the only family I knew to be devoted to.

This clip from the Honeymooners episode, "Hello, Mom" led to the inspiration for this post:

To My Mother-In-Law,

It has been almost six years since I've married your son and I just thought I'd write you this.  A lot has happened in six years, and I think I have just begun to grasp a hold of what it means to be a mother-in-law.  Mother-in-laws are often given a bad reputation, one given to them too soon by women who speak without empathy or understanding.  While the typical woman can fill a room with her thoughts and opinions without hesitation, a mother-in-law must commit hers to within or find herself considered not supportive.  She must allow the child she created, loved, and cared for to be taken from her, and though her heart may ache terribly she is expected not to voice her upset for fear of being seen as selfish.  She is greatly misjudged.  She must walk steady on a tightrope held on one end by the child she bore and on the other by the child hers has chosen to love.  If others could see life through a mother-in-law's eyes, if they could impartially observe, considering her role with true fairness and justice, they would hoist her on their shoulders and cheer her for the phenomenal job she has done.  And they would never let her down.

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