Thursday, March 20, 2014

#127 He is Aware

For once, I'm right on time.

World Down Syndrome Day is tomorrow, March 21st.

The first time I realized this was a date actually etched in calendars across the country, I blogged about it a little late.  You can find that post here.

The second time, not to find myself in the same situation as the year before, I blogged about it a week early.  You'll find that post here.

Rather than give a spiced up version of the point that Jonathan has changed my life in such a drastic and positive way, I've decided to take a more photojournalist approach to this post.

Hopefully these pictures will speak better than my finely laced words ever could.



Phone Pictures 023

Phone Pictures 032

Phone Pictures 162

Phone Pictures 271

Phone Pictures 544

Phone Pictures 913

Phone Pictures 905

Phone Pictures 703

Phone Pictures 686

Phone Pictures 399

Phone Pictures 009

Jonathan makes my world positively beautiful.

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