Monday, September 29, 2014

#148 He 'Climbs' the Empire State Building

Weekend I’d Forget
One thing that used to bother me when I was working was the dreaded question asked by all on Monday mornings, "How was your weekend?"

How was my weekend?  It's 8 am on Monday morning.  My weekend is the furthest thing from my mind right now.

Then I would stutter and squirm through trying to remember what on earth I actually did during the weekend.  I'd attempt to make it sound exciting, knowing that regardless what I had done it couldn't make up for the fact that it was now Monday morning and I had five days ahead of me before I could reach the freedom of another weekend again.*

*Note: I have always loved my jobs.  But I do not, repeat do NOT, like Monday mornings or 8 am.

This leads me to Weekend I'd Forget.  As an attempt to make sure I have something to write on Monday mornings, I am holding myself accountable to write a Weekend I'd Forget every Monday morning.  The point and purpose is to find one positive about my weekend to share with you.  I hope that in return you might find one positive about your weekend to share with me in the comments section either here or on my Facebook page.

So here goes.

Fortunately, my first Weekend I'd Forget was jam packed with fun and excitement.  We literally had plans every minute of the weekend, which is a big deal for us.  If I had to pick one favorite from the weekend though it would be this:


We went to NYC with my SIL, Sam, and her boyfriend, Kurt.  The purpose of the trip was to use gift cards we exchanged over the past two years to the Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chao.  Initially, I thought dinner was going to be my Weekend I'd Forget entry.  Naturally, the meats were delicious.  The dessert was delicious.  My drink, Super-fruit Lemonade, was delicious.  Our after dinner drinks at my favorite coffee shop, Caffe Bene were delicious.  But our excursion following dinner was really what made my weekend.


Despite having visited the city a billion times over the last ten years, I have never experienced the Empire State Building.  It always seemed too touristy for me.  But when Hubby took some out-of-state coworkers, I realized through bitterness just how much I actually wanted the chance to climb the Empire State Building.


Most people find rolling hills and soothing seashores to be relaxing.  For me, the view of the city causes me to sigh romantically as I gaze longingly down the city streets lined with taxi cabs and skyscrapers.  

I also had to fight the urge to quote the movie, Elf, the entire time we were there.

We were in and out of the Empire State Building in roughly three hours.  I could have stayed longer, leaning against the bars staring down at the city streets.  A lot of tourists were daring, holding their phones out beyond the bars in order to get the best pictures possible.  My only regret was that I didn't have my fancy SLR camera with me to do the same (of course, while it was safely strapped around my neck).

Oh well.  Next time.

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