Friday, March 6, 2015

#173 He Never Takes Pictures

We had another snow day yesterday.

Hubby's desire to live in LA is starting to rub off on me, just a bit. Have I mentioned that before? While I do appreciate the beauty of a snowstorm, enough is enough.


Perhaps it isn't even the snowstorm that really gets my goat.* It might just be the single digit temperature I woke up to this morning.

*How on earth did goat become synonymous with anger?


After shoveling and trying to clear my car for around fifteen minutes, I wondered why my hands were beginning to feel numb. I came inside, where the warmth of course confused my frozen body, shivered my gloves off, and had to refresh my phone to believe that it was actually 8 degrees outside.

Wasn’t it just 41 degrees two days ago?

Hubby has been sick for the last couple of days and I feel like my body has been working overtime to fight off the lingering germs that fill the air around me. But regardless, he is the one who is doctor-approved sick which means that yesterday and today I shoveled for the first time this season. 

I can't say it enough; I am blessed to have a man who takes care of snow for me.


Yesterday might have been the first snow storm ever that we made no attempt to leave the house. Around lunchtime, Hubby suggested I move my car from the street to the parking lot beside our house. Begrudgingly, more so towards the storm than the audacity of Hubby’s suggestion, I threw on my Uggs, shoveled a pathway to my car, and moved it the fifteen-feet distance from the road to the lot.  It wasn't quite as cold then, so I thought I'd be whimsical and grab my camera to take artsy shots of the snow. After about five minutes I decided three things:

1. Trudging through inches of snow for the perfect shot isn't worth it. 

2. Trudging through inches of snow for the perfect shot while it is still snowing heavily is certainly not worth it.

3. My little corner of the world doesn't hold enough beauty to make trudging through the snow while it is still snowing heavily worth it.


I marvel at people who can capture that perfect shot of snow. Actually, I marvel at people who can capture perfect shots of any form of nature. I often see landscapes while I am driving that I think are breathtaking, perfect photo opportunities. I'm sure the true photo enthusiast would screech to a halt and capture that moment regardless of traffic, weather, or personal pride (yes, sometimes snapping photos of random things like trees or your dinner will raise eyebrows).

For myself, I think more than not wanting to pull over the car, I choose not to photograph a gorgeous sunset or a field covered in snow because some things I don't want to miss a moment of in exchange for sharing it with the world. Some things need to be spurts of beauty that we keep to ourselves. Beauty that in that still small moment was meant to be for you and you alone.

Sorry to expose such anti-photography, bohemian-like thought. It won't happen again.


Or...maybe it will.

I make no promises.

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