Thursday, April 28, 2011

#7 He Does Not Dispute that Kate and Al's is the BEST Pizza. On earth. Period.

I am in love...with a pizza pie. It is a pizza pie so fantastic I can barely conjure up a description that I feel will do it fair justice. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find there is an illegal addictive substance in this pizza because as I try to distinguish what is so wonderful about it, instead of writing, I take another bite.

The location? Kate and Al's at Columbus Farmer's Market
The price? Slice, $2. Half pie, 5 pieces for $10.
Small Pie, 6 pieces for $12. Large Pie, 10 pieces for $17.
The quality? Beyond reproach.

Sweet sauce drenches the pillows of bread underneath with just a hint of a crunch on the bottom. Cheese is scattered about, maybe there is a glob in one spot and just a hint of it in another. I know what you're thinking, "I don't really like a saucy pizza. I want cheese covering my pizza." That right there is the wrong attitude to go with. Those random swirlings of cheese when mixed with the sauce are like a mozzarella and tomato love child of goodness. The overload of sauce enhances the pizza, rather than take away from it.
Still not convinced? I get it. When it comes to pizza, EVERYONE has an opinion. Especially in Jersey. We're so close to so many fantastic options, there is bound to be a pizza argument.

You can usually tell the quality of a product by how in demand it is. Anytime I have passed by Kate and Al's there is always a wait. Typically it's about 20 minutes, but if you go on a Sunday, forget about it. Sundays are insane. People are piled up all over the ins and outs of the market that day and pizza is being served nonstop.

The same employees are always there and they have their craft down to a science. They aren't going to greet you with bubbly smiles and 'How do ya do's' but they will always be focused on one thing: getting those awesome pizza pies done as fast as possible without compromising
their quality.
Tonight I ate only three pieces of a half pizza. The two remaining pieces are corners. Never get stuck with the corners. You want as much of the saucy cheesy goodness that you can get. Shamefully, I do state that once upon a time my brother and I made it almost a weekly ritual to buy a large pizza, split it in half and eat the entire thing. Or perhaps I shouldn't be ashamed of the capability to eat so much wonderfulness in one sitting. I'll ask my thighs later what they think.

I know there are many pizzas in this world, but I like to think that my little town of Columbus has something that the rest of you are missing out on. True, it may not be pizza in the traditional sense what with a circle shape that is coated in cheese, but who ever cared so much for geometric traditions? I have heard tell of another pizza place (coincidentally located also at the Farmer's Market) that serves pizza almost identical to Kate and Al's, yet I have not yet braved to try it. My loyalties remain with Kate and Al's.

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