Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#12 He Remembers Our Anniversary,

I was raised on "I Love Lucy". We had these really strict TV rules in my home and basically never watched anything airing on any station other than PBS. So while other kids my age were watching Power Rangers, I watched Lucy. And while they outgrew Power Rangers and looked back on it as a embarrassingly funny memory, I to this day still watch Lucy. It never gets old.

One thing that always seemed to get Lucy's husband Ricky into a pickle was forgetting to remember birthdays and anniversaries. Half the time, Ricky had actually remembered the event but had a surprise attached to it therefore he purposely pretended to forget the date. The other half, he actually did forget. Then the whole episode was either spent on Lucy sulking and Ricky having to make it up to her, or Lucy trying to somehow remind Ricky without actually reminding him.

It makes for good humor, but I just don't see how any truly in love couple could get into a hang up over such a thing.

Truth be told, the more anniversaries you have the less you are going to remember, right? And while I know I've only just reached my fourth wedding anniversary, I'm pretty sure I'll never fault my husband for forgetting, if he chooses to do so. For every time he forgets, I can honestly say that I'm sure I'll forget as well.

But for now, he does remember. And along with the amazing ability to simply remember the date, this time, he also surprised me.

Come on now, what do you think he did?

He sent me chocolate! Yes, he actually read through my previous blog's not-so-hidden hidden meaning and had chocolate covered strawberries sent to little ole me at my work yesterday!

And flowers.

I passed the school office on my way to lunch and the first thing that caught my eye was the 1-800-flowers box and all I could do was laugh. Then I realize that not one, but two boxes awaited me.

As I found myself filled with the quick excitement and the "he thought of me" feelings running all over, I also had a tiny feeling of, "I really don't want flowers! (Free flowers--okay. When they die I won't feel so bad. But flowers that my husband spent money on and therefore, in turn, I also spent money on--no.)

And here is where he is simply wonderful:

It was flowers, but not. After a struggle to pull the not so easy to take out of the box flowered gift, on first actual glance at the arrangement, on overwhelming, "How practical!" came over me. It wasn't flowers that go in a vase of water (which would certainly die within the first day in my possession). It was...a hot pink azalea topiary.

The only thing I can hope is that since I have been tending so carefully and cautiously to my herb garden I will also be able to put in the same efforts to keep my awesome azaleas alive. I at least have hope that I won't mess this up because it hasn't been doomed from the start by having its roots cut off.

In the end, if he forgets one or even a dozen anniversaries, I'll still know that he remembered some, and that's all that matters.

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