Monday, July 18, 2011

#20 He Loves His Job

I play cards once a year as I wait for midnight's approach on New Year's Eve.
Throughout the year, I occasionally have a glass of red wine or champagne.

I have nothing against cards or drinking. I do find that both used in excess tend to become hazardous in more than one way. Therefore, personally, I choose not to do either frequently. Because of this I hardly know a straight from a flush or a martini from a margarita.

However, I'm very indifferent concerning both. I like to play cards, but hate to lose. I like to try out an occasional mixed drink, but hate choices. In the end, it is better for me to prefer the ease of red wine and champagne and to stick with cards on New Year's Eve.

Not so with my brother. His recent 21st birthday brought about the desire to celebrate in Atlantic City.

Now, don't knock Atlantic City.

I'm a little tired of people turning their noses up to it. There is a decent boardwalk. The beach is free. Gambling in moderation is fun. Casinos themselves are interesting and entertaining. The shopping options are numerous. The food endless.

P.S. In concerns with food, this must be shared: Harrah's has an awesome little chocolate "bar" called Temptations where, among other things, they sell Crumbs cupcakes (if you do not know what Crumbs is--smack yourself and then Google it). Also, Gold Tooth Gertie's in Wild Wild West has the best ever glazed doughnut. No joke.

So among my brother's Atlantic City birthday ventures were plans to try different drinks and play cards. And, before you go and start thinking my brother is just another 21-year-old partier, just know that my over 75-year-old grandma was also there the entire time.


Even if I read every possible manual about a card game I intended to sit down at, I would still feel completely inept to play. My husband, on the other hand, doesn't mind this awkward feeling and therefore puts himself into that scenario upon occasions when we are in a casino. I much prefer my nickle slots.
(Okay, this one is a penny slot, but it was "I Love Lucy" so I had to play it.)

My husband and brother went to play blackjack. Having just turned 21, the extent of my brother's card game knowledge is clearly limited and unexplored. After the first game, my brother was dealt two aces. Not realizing what this meant for him he said he didn't want anymore cards. As my husband tried to explain to him that he could split since he had two of the same card and now could play two hands, the card dealer arrogantly said something along the lines of, "What are you doing?! You have to take cards!".

Mind you, the table wasn't full. The area wasn't abounding with people itching to take over this table to play. It was just my husband, my brother, and one other player. My husband continued to explain what my brother had in front of him and why he should split, while the dealer continued to speak in a tone of annoyance and intolerance, even after being told it was my brother's first time playing.

The Bar

Like I said before, the whole bar situation makes me uncomfortably stupid. You actually have to know what you want or you are plumb out of luck. So my brother, my husband, my grandmother and I went to The Blue Martini in Bally's together. My husband asked the bartender to recommend something sweet for me and the girl stared blank faced, completely unable to think of a sweet drink recommendation. The lady sitting next to him suggested a Cosmopolitan, to which the bartender said that she thought it was a little sour. She then finally suggested raspberry Vodka with Sprite.

The next day, at The Toga in Caesar's, my brother wanted to have Red Bull mixed with something. Mind you, it's 5:00 pm. There are two bartenders working and a total of five people at the bar, and my brother, his friend and my husband make up three of them. So my brother says to the bartender, "What kind of drinks can you make with Red Bull? Like Red Bull and Vodka..."

The bartender answered, "Red Bull and Vodka".

"Yeah, but should I get it with a flavored Vodka? What can you suggest for me?"

"I wouldn't use flavored Vodka. I can't tell you what to order. I don't even know you, so how can I know what you would like?"

At this point it is clear that my brother likes Red Bull. So this guy has no other options of drinks made with Red Bull? No other options of drinks that taste along the lines of Red Bull and Vodka? Seriously?

Once we tell the bartender that my brother is celebrating his 21st birthday, he loses a little of his impertinent attitude and gets slightly friendlier. Only slightly.

But the manner of this man, the attitude of the dealer, and the lack of choices from the other bartender led me to wonder if these people had ever been approached by customers who were new to the card table or bar scene. While I find it highly unlikely that my brother was the first to sit down in front of them clueless as to what he was doing, even if he was--don't they love their job enough to explain and recommend things to someone interested in partaking in their trade?

Far too many people go about their daily job like these three. It is a day in day out routine and anyone who stumbles in their way that doesn't recognize the routine in subject to the attitude of "Well, duh, it's done like this!". And don't think that the gaming and drink service industry are the only ones who have allowed themselves to act in this manner. Have you ever had a situation where you needed to call the state to ask a question and/or have a matter settled? It is like a different world in the various facets of the state. Ask a question about something concerning you that you don't understand and it is like pulling teeth to get a clear explanation. You have just become the biggest inconvenience to whoever is dealing with you.

I know we all have bad days. But are we so out of tune that we can't recognize that while performing our job, whatever it may be, it is part of our job to give our customers, clients and anyone we come into contact with our complete attention by being informative and helpful? Don't we want the same treatment when we are out of our working zone and in another's?

Perhaps this was just one day where three people all working within 500 feet of one another were having an off day. Possible, yes. Probable, no. The unfortunate reality is that more than likely this is the scenario most places. Unless you are lucky enough to find someone who is totally in love with what they are doing, your experiences will not be filled with birds chirping, fireworks lighting the sky, or warm and fuzzies from head to toe.
But hopefully you who are reading this can make a difference. If you are in a job you don't love, find one you do. But if you love your job and simply can't stand dealing with other people, you might as well dig a hole and hide there. No matter what job you enter, in some way, you will have to work with others. So, get used to it. Choose the job where you can do this best and remember that at some point you are going to be somewhere where you hope the person you are dealing with loves their job as much as you love yours.

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