Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#100 He Gives Me More Than 100 Reasons To Love Him

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Have you ever been asked, "Why do you love me?"

I hate that question.

Absolutely, one hundred percently hate it.

I know, I know.  That stance seems completely odd considering what I've named this blog and what each post is titled, yet nonetheless that is the way I truly feel.  Whenever I have been asked that question I would suddenly lose the ability to think and then start to blubber and speak nonsense like, "You're smart, you're don't know".

Wow.  And I consider myself a writer?

So here goes.  I've decided that while 100 reasons for the 100th post might seem appropriate my conclusion was that it would also bore you to death.  Probably right around reason number 2.  So I've made a short concise list of true bona fide reasons why I love my hubby.  If you can stick through this list, there might be something worth while in the end.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My far

1. His uncanny sense of humor.  Since meeting Hubby, the world of humor has never been the same for me...or my family for that matter.

2. His unmovable political stance.  Even better than his stance is that he never forces it on anyone.  He plays devil's advocate often with those he disagrees with, but saves all his frustration and deep debates for me.   Isn't he so sweet?

3. His ability to stay silent.  As a woman this is something I struggle with over and over again.  Hubby is slow to speak.  This drives me absolutely crazy when I want him to answer me right away, but I can appreciate the thought that goes behind every answer he gives.

4. He always does the right thing.  Those times where I say to him, "Well, I know I should do 'this', but I really want to do 'that'," he always tells me to do 'that'.  It is as if he never ever considers doing 'this', even when the situation is reversed.

5. He listens to me.  By 'listen' I mean he puts up with my incessant talking about nonsense.  Including, but not limited to, my aspirations and wild ideas...all of which he has to hear about over and over and over again.

6. He spoils me.  Without going into the insane amount of things Hubby buys for me at the slight mention that I "like, need, want, or got to have it", I can simply say I have more than I'll ever need.  I am blessed and should never complain.  (Hubby, please don't remind me that I wrote that.  Especially when I have my weekly "I have nothing to wear" fit.  Thanks, love you.)

7. He is quick to say sorry, even at times when we're both wrong.  This reminds me how unimportant arguments are, and how much more important we are to one another.

8. He's spontaneous.  Being used to a world of calendars and appointments, this can drive me positively crazy.  Yet as we grow in our relationship, I'm learning the joy of spontaneity.  I'm learning to find the fun and even the relaxing quality of dropping everything and taking a drive to somewhere one or two hours away from home just for the mere reason of doing something out of the ordinary.

9. He likes to shop.  I know most women hate me for this one, so all I'll say here is, Thank you, God!

10. He constantly challenges me and makes me strive for my heart's desires.  All those things that I talk Hubby's ear off about, he actually will check in with me on.  He'll ask if I've practiced violin lately, he'll read my blog and tell me what he liked, he pushes me to aim for the dreams that are still in my head and not in the world yet.

The ultimate reason I love my Hubby is that his love for me is the same, if not stronger, everyday.  No matter how much I love him, I know and don't need to question that he will always love me the same amount back.  Even if he apologizes first more times than I do.

Sorry about that.  I think you've endured enough mushy stuff for one lifetime.

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