Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#103 He is an Artist

A little over a year ago, I got my first tattoo.  It was a strange and wonder filled occasion, which you can read about here.  Just for the record, I've never been one who dreamed of getting tattoos.  At the age that my younger brother was begging my parents for a tattoo (they said no), I was just begging to be allowed to listen to the Beatles (true story....my parents really made me hide under a rock during my mid-teens).  

I didn't make the plunge for my tattoo until I was 25 +1.  I had considered getting one before then, but never felt any pressing need to do it.  Something drastically changed once the needle stopped churning.  Suddenly, I had an empty canvas and thousands of thoughts for new tattoos and would have gladly hopped back onto the tattoo artist's chair if not for the sore spot I was currently nursing and the lack of cash in my pocket.

I wanted to somehow incorporate my love for writing into a tattoo, but I also wanted it to flow from what I had just gotten done.  I gave the project to Hubby because I didn't feel like thinking about it.  Hubby, despite what he claims, is a fantastic artist in a variety of different medium.  

Here are two examples from when we first started dating:

The amount of artistic creations I received from him when we were dating were not only numerous, but they were quality art for a teenager to be producing with simple materials as pencil, construction paper, etc.

A comma is something a writer uses, whether correctly or incorrectly, so I decided I wanted to tattoo the shape of a comma in a lacy print around my current tattoo.  Just like my first tattoo, it also holds a double meaning.  A comma is a pause between parts of a sentence.  Pausing is something I constantly have to remind myself to do when I get angry, upset, stressed, etc.  It's a good reminder for us all to put life on pause for a minute before we get worked up over anything.

Hubby was patient with me, as always.  He designed two or three different styles before we decided that the lace design would be an extremely large tattoo, one that I did not want to sit for.  After a little Googling, I discovered the watercolor tattoo style and fell in love.

While Hubby did not design my tattoo, he helped by sketching out the idea for how to incorporate the comma with watercolor splashes

Deciding on what tattoo to get was a culmination of many months of thought, design, rejection, and talking with Hubby.  But it was really my grandmother who pushed me to go ahead and get it.

When my brother and I got our first tattoos together, we kidded my grandmother about getting one.  My grandmother loves a challenge though, and soon the joke became a reality.

You'll remember from this post that Gram turned 80 this year.

But she was fearless.  She knew what she wanted, and exactly how she wanted it.

I kept checking on her the entire time and her worst complaint after it was all over was that she was uncomfortable with how she was sitting.  She couldn't have cared less about the needle rubbing across her skin, only that she was sitting in an awkward position the entire time.

I love her.

We switched seats, and then it was my turn!

I was a little more of a wimp.  The tattoo artist, Frank, who was awesome, had me laying down for the start of my tattoo.  I couldn't manage to find a comfortable position.  I kept flipping my head from left to right, then my arm started falling asleep, then it started shaking from the falling asleep, and I was an absolute complete mess.

We took a break half way through so I could switch into a sitting position.  That made the end a million times better.

I told Gram a butterfly is a typical girl tattoo, but hers is certainly much more classy than any I've seen so far.

She was pretty excited.

When I was taking pictures of Gram's tattoo, Jon wanted a picture with her so he twirled her around so that her tattoo was in the shot.

He's a cutie.

He tried to do the same with me, but Gram didn't know how to use my camera, so my tattoo got slighted.

Jonathan started laughing and I had to capture the moment.


I just love that face.

I asked Hubby at a pretty inopportune time later that night to take a picture so I could blog about it.  This is why we have a little glare going on.  This was the best picture where the glare wasn't in such an awkward spot and my neck didn't look so much like a giraffe's.

And that's what I get for wanting what I want when I want it.

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