Monday, August 12, 2013

#104 He is Older Than Me

For the first 27 years of his life, my brother, Justin, was always two years older than me.  A little under three years ago he became three years older than me.  Then four.  And as of this past Friday, five.  Five years older than me.

I feel so horribly sad for him.

Somehow I managed to stay 25 all that time.  And he...he has turned 30.

What a world.  What a horrible world it is where the number 30 can creep up upon someone unbeknownst.

He is tough though.  Tougher than me.  I think he'll survive it.

To celebrate this milestone, we threw him a surprise 30th.  I was a little worried that the shock of the party and the realization of his age might be detrimental to his health, but he carried through like a real trooper.

Me, on the other hand, I would have been on the floor crying my way back to 2010.  No, let's be honest, 2008.

While we waited for the birthday boy, I got to hang out with these awesome ladies.  My Gram, on the left, and my newest grandmother (Kristina's grandmother) on the right.  At the party she named me her other granddaughter.  I don't think there is a higher compliment I could have received.

I got to hang out with my brother's bestest friends in the world.

Is it strange that only the girls are posing for this picture?

And, of course, my favorite person in the entire world was there holding his spot as the life of the party.

Justin's wife, Kristina, sent me a text in the morning saying that Justin was trying to get to her mother's house (where the party was) early.  Somehow, she managed to postpone him so well that they were a half hour later than expected.

I love how Kristina's best friend, Chrissy, (up front in blue), is the only person looking here.  Everyone else is having fun waiting for Justin's grand entrance.

He had an inkling something was going on when he passed by my dad's army green Hummer on the street.  I think his face still reads 'SURPRISED'.

I thought Justin should have worn the Elton John birthday glasses all day.   But he was too humble for such stardom.

I love when these two get together.

Spaghetti sauce face and all, this picture makes me laugh.

So does this one.

I had to get a final jab in with Justin's birthday gift.

Then I felt bad and had to emphasize that he isn't 'too old', whatever that means...

The expressions of every face in this picture are priceless.  Let's start at the top of the stairs.  That's Kristina's mom.  She looks like the cat who swallowed the canary.  As if she knows what is about to happen with whatever gift Justin is about to open.  Anna, right next to her, looks like she's speculating about what the gift might be.  Kristina's grandmother is deeply concentrating on the card she's looking at.  Hubby, well, aside from his adorable smile, he's also got that huge caterpillar on his upper lip that is always a good laugh to be had.  Kristina is staring in bewilderment at Justin as if she doesn't know whether to laugh or be shocked by the gift he's opening.  And John, blue t-shirt on the right, I'm sure is in the middle of a comical rant on the mood of the room.

We had lots of desserts and...get ready for it...they were all chocolate.

In the background you see my delicious chocolate cake pops.

Perhaps I've been around too many birthday parties where there is only a single number on the cake...

But he blew those candles out far too fast for my liking.

Note to self: trick candles or a candle for every year of life are a must have for anyone over 20.

I think 30 looks good on Justin. 

I'm going to let him know he should hang onto it until my one of my other brothers is ready for it.

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