Friday, April 10, 2015

#181 He Loves My Brothers

It's National Siblings Day! 

We have Claudia Evart to thank for this fairly new special day. Evart lost both of her siblings to separate accidents early on in life. She recognized the eternal bond of siblings. Realizing that we have special days for mothers and fathers, she decided there should also be a day for siblings.


And I agree!

My siblings were my first friends ever. Even though now we are all grown, most with our own families and homes, there will always be an invisible line connecting us, drawing us together.


As the only girl, though I wasn't the oldest, I took the command of my siblings. As we got older, I found myself trying to impart in them the wealth of knowledge I had acquired. I wanted to save them from mistakes. I wanted to direct them towards the right path. In reality, I wanted them to be just like me.

It took me a while but the older I've grown, the wiser I've become. Thank God. Also, thank God I've learned quickly that the things that are different about us can either be used to distance us or to make us grow stronger together. There is no in between. We either accept that we are different and embrace it, or else we remain blind causing tension and strife amongst those we love.



Justin and I are the least alike. From day one we have had opposite viewpoints and emotions towards most aspects of life. Justin is laid back, docile, and forgiving. No one could dislike Justin. I am always raring to go, a little rough around the edges at times, and as bitter as Sicilians come. 

His mild mannered temperament used to drive me up a wall. I couldn't imagine how someone could sit back and not attack each moment of life with the aggressive force untamed within me. Then I realized how calming it was to be around Justin. He has a way of making everything seem right with the world, even though reality may say its not.




Joel and I are the most alike, but even so there are so many qualities Joel possesses that turn my head and get my brain going.

Joel envisions life in a very different way from me. He loves new experiences, and immerses himself into different situations and opportunities whenever he can. He is excited about living life to the fullest. Not to mention, he has enough personality for five people. He will make someone he just met feel like they have been friends forever, but most importantly, he makes those he chats with feel like they are valued.




I am who I am because of Jonathan.

Jonathan has a passion for people. While I would rather duck my head and avoid conversation, Jonathan craves it. He longs to be with people, to interact with people, to love on people. One of his common questions when we are together is, "Gaga, I help you?" He wants to be useful. He wants to contribute to things that are happening around him.

Jonathan is also a hugger. He will turn the least touchy feely person into someone who demands a hug from him. And his hugs are sincere. They are packed with emotion, love, and joy. The perfect anecdote to anything that has got you down.


If you have been so blessed to be born with siblings, don't allow your differences to separate you. Embrace what makes you different. Learn from what makes you different. Enjoy what makes you different. Don't take for granted what so many in this world wish they could have. Find your siblings, whether they be near or far, and love on them extra special today.


"Sibling relationships -- and 80 percent of Americans have at least one -- outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust." 
Erica E. Goode

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