Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#184 He is Peaceful

This past weekend was nonstop activity for me. It was all good things, but nonstop—I’m only now getting acclimated to my regular sleep schedule.

As much as I was ready to post all about my weekend, I just can’t. Not right now.

It doesn't seem right.

It doesn't seem right to post about travels and food or family and sports events when parts of the world are aching.

I’m far from knowing the right words to say.

I’m far from being learned on the entire situation and circumstances.

I’m far from ever knowing what it is like to serve in any police department or be an African American in a society that brags of racial freedom while it whispers of inequality.

I am, however, close to where this took place. Only months ago, I drove down the streets that today are lined with black ash from fires. I first saw the footage of the riots in Baltimore as I lay in the dentist’s office getting two cavities filled. It seemed so impossible that I closed my eyes, let the drilling continue, and ignored it.

It couldn't be. It couldn't happen there.

Hours later the reality of what was happening hit me and my heart broke for Baltimore and America.


The words I string together will only be an echo of what many have already said and what many will continue to say as the days pass. There is not much more that I can do but sit here and ponder what I’m sure many are already thinking.

How can hurting the innocent solve a problem?

Great, you pelted a few rocks at police officers and destroyed their cars.

What does that do but give those officers paid time to recuperate causing taxes to go up not only to pay for resting police officers but also to replace the government vehicles that were damaged?

What’s that? You got a little carried away and decided to make a bigger point for how upset you are by looting, then setting fire to anything flammable?

So now those who are just like you, those who are fed up with the behavior of certain dirty cops across our nation, must suffer at the hands of your justice?

couldn't believe the loyalty of so many Baltimore residents who today were pictured sweeping the streets and picking up the remaining debris.

Why is it that the innocent have to pick up the pieces of the guilty?


My history teacher in high school instilled in us his definition of history. If you went through his class, it was certain you would at least learn that History is the consequences of man’s choices. Tagged along was always this warning: Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

I’m fairly certain riots have never solved problems. But I do know that peaceful protests have led to wrongs being righted. They chipped away at the problem. They didn't make a difference overnight but each brave moment spent standing silent and strong led to change in America.

Will we ever be a perfectly equal society?

No, I think as long as we are human we will never succeed.

Yet that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  


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