Friday, May 11, 2012

#52 He Likes The Beatles

There was a radio station that on its first day on the air played, "Here Comes the Sun" on continuous loop the whole day long.  I know because I spent a better part of that day driving around most of New Jersey with my older brother, Justin.

We thought the world was going to end.

Justin is two years older than me.  You might not know it upon first interaction with us.  After a few first dates with his future wife, she told him she was super excited to get to meet his older sister that he had talked a little about (that would be me...).  I guess he never said, "little sister".

Justin and I are complete opposites.  He's very gentle, quiet, and to himself.  He doesn't get into anyone else's personal business unless asked to.  On the other hand, I'm like an untamed animal running wild, my hands are in everyone's business whether I'm invited or not, and I'm, well, loud.

Justin, me, and a Thanksgiving turkey.  (The turkey is in the middle).

Growing up, we did everything together.  This wasn't too hard, because with a two-year age difference it's difficult to keep your lil sis out of your business.  Changes didn't begin to happen until he got his license.

He was never home.

As in, never ever home.

Our relationship changed pretty drastically in the course of a year.  We were still brother and sister.  Still loved each other.  But, we no longer spent a majority of our time together.  And that separated us just slightly.

Yet, here is the reason I love my brother Justin.  No matter how much he is away, no matter how far from me he might be, I know there is a section of his heart that has my name on it.

You see, the day we spent driving around New Jersey listening to, "Little darling, It seems like years since it's been here" over and over again, he had his license, but I didn't.  He escorted me to a variety of places of my choice, without complaining.  In fact, it might have been his idea.  And this was all simply because I needed to go to the community college so I could sign up to take classes during my senior year of high school.

It was my senior year of college when he really impressed me with his loyalty.  I found a new appreciation for life after a near fatal car accident on my way back to college left my beautiful Mercury Mountaineer flipped on its side and, needless to say, totaled.

Without hesitation, Justin offered to take me car shopping.  A small gesture to some, but not typical Justin behavior at all.

The best kind of people are those that when you need them, or even when you don't know that you need them, they're there.  Justin is one of those good people.  He doesn't overwhelm you with his presence, but will show up in an instant when needed.

He's a pretty good model of a big brother.  I think I'll keep him.  

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