Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#53 He Asks Me Out

A little whisper in my ear changed my life forever.

Ten years ago today, while standing in front of a locker that he had somehow convinced me to share with him, my hubby asked me to be his girlfriend.

I was sixteen going on seventeen.  He was seventeen going on eighteen.

He was my first, my last, my everything.

(Sorry to begin relating this story through song, it just fit so perfectly).

Summer, 2002

Ten years sounds so long.  When I say it, it comes out like this:

T    E    N        Y    E    A    R    S

Those words smack me in the head and say, "You're old".  So, I look in the mirror, and I see wrinkles instantly  forming and grey hairs sprouting.  

Then reality hits when I see couples who have been together twenty, thirty, and forty years.  Then, my ten years feels really small.  But not insignificant.      

I'm thrilled to have spent ten years loving my best friend.  Truly, what this day does is give me hope deep down that everyone could find their best friend to fall in love with.  I know it sounds crazy sappy, but doesn't knights on white horses and Prince Charmings seem a bit far fetched?  What every gal truly needs is just a best friend who they can love, appreciate, and care for.

That is what my hubby is to me, and I wouldn't ever ask for it any other way.


  1. this is so sweet!! so happy for you two! and congratulations!! (love your blog:)