Saturday, May 19, 2012

#54 He Lets Lucy In

"I Love Lucy" runs through my veins.  My younger brother Jonathan and I recite episodes back and forth to each other for fun.

No really, we do.

Our particular favorite scene to do is from the episode, "The Star Upstairs" where Lucy tries to convince the bellboy, Bobby, to help her meet the star who is hiding out in the penthouse of her hotel.  (Ps. The star is Cornel Wilde).

Also, anytime Jonathan calls and asks me, "Gaga, what you up to?",  I respond like this: "I'm up to my neck in housework!".  (A line Lucy once said to Ricky when she was trying to get him out of the house in order to coordinate a scheme).

Aside from random recitations, I've actually learned a lot of important life lessons from the famous redhead.  Here is list of some essentials.  To the die hard Lucy fan, these should make sense.  To others, they will simply make you wonder.

For the housewife:

  • A real pioneer woman has no electricity, churns her own butter, bakes her own bread, and boils water for a hot bath. (But, I still love you Pioneer Woman!)
  • A side of beef is a lot larger than a side of bacon, and there is never, ever a reason to order two.  
  • Chocolates are fun to eat, not to make.
  • Pizza dough is hard to twirl accurately.
  • If you plan to trick your husband, be ready for him to trick you back. 
For women in general:
  • A fake nose and hair wrap can be a great disguise.  But just remember, fake noses made of putty are flammable.
  • Expensive designer dresses can easily be made out of burlap sacks.  It's so easy, even your husband can do it!  
  • Two girls wearing the same dress can never be a good thing.  (Perhaps this is why bridesmaids have such a hard time getting along!).
In business:
  • Business is best left done with strangers, not friends. 
  • A million dollar idea might end up actually costing you a million dollars.
In travel:
  • Cross country road trips should be planned out accordingly.  Certain routes and towns should always be avoided.
  • Never pull emergency brakes on trains unless it is a true emergency requiring the train to stop at that very second.
  • If you are going on a cruise and you miss the boat, you can catch up with the cruise ship by going out on a pilot boat.  If you miss the pilot boat, you will have to hire a helicopter.
  • Proper pronunciation of Spanish words is essential.
  • Moving to the country might be hard for city folk, but it's a great way to end a television series.

Bonus tip: If they won't give it to you, take it yourself.  Chase your dreams despite naysayers, lack of opportunity, or even, lack of talent.

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