Monday, August 6, 2012

#72 He is a Day Tripper

Other than our impromptu visit to Niagara Falls, hubby and I haven't really been anywhere this summer.  In fact, we only went to the beach once, and we didn't even go on the beach.  I guess we've gotten old when slot machines seem more exciting than laying in the sun...and getting hot...and sweaty...and sandy.

Or, maybe we've just gotten smarter.

I've learned I much prefer lounging on a chair by a pool than face down in the sand by the ocean.  But that's just me.

Since we had been spending our weekends playing the Jungle Book vultures' game of, "What we gonna do," "I dunno, what you wanna do", and getting no where, midweek I scheduled with hubby a Saturday adventure in downtown Princeton.

As fate would have it, the minute after we'd walked 50 feet from our car it began to rain.

So we stood under a wine colored overhang for about ten minutes wondering if the rain would ever stop or if we would instead become permanent fixtures to the oh so fascinating office store whose windows my bottom kept pressing up against.  And at the same time I wondered to myself why we couldn't have possibly been in front of a clothing store when it began to rain.

We eventually dashed across the street to an overhang in front of a liquor store.  That led to a speedy dash to Jane Consignment Shop which offered much more to look at than office supplies or booze.

The rain stopped and we were off.  Our first stop, correction, our first planned stop was "The Bent Spoon".  Delicious ice cream was quickly eaten, yet, I found myself comparing their ice cream to Halo Farm/Pub.  I decided I should never ever cheat on Halo Farm again.  This time I promise!

I saw this in a window and was so excited I considered knocking very hard on the door and asking if the owner of the sticker might happen to have anymore that he would be interested in donating to me.

In case you have no clue what this sticker means (other than a very blatant suggestion to disobey) watch the movie V for Vendetta.

After ice cream, shopping, and dinner we decided to walk around Princeton University and dream that we could live there.

I just hope all the fortunate college students who live there this upcoming semester appreciate the buildings they see daily as much as we did.

Of course we needed coffee, because we had plans to also get cupcakes.

That makes sense, I promise.

I typically will try to patron a non-chain coffee place if it is available.  Therefore, we ignored the Starbucks around the corner (despite hubby's later disappointment) and purchased a mocha something-or-other-cold and an iced latte.

Two packs of sugar later, I found my iced latte to be as refreshing as I hoped.  However, hubby's mocha something-or-other-cold was overly frothy and tasteless.

Oh well.

We headed for the House of Cupcakes to find out why they were awesome enough to win the Food Network's Cupcake Wars.  After purchasing half a dozen cupcakes for two people, we started towards our car.

I was pulled a block further from our destination by the sound of a violin.

And this is the scene we came upon.

I was very confused and excited, both at the same time.

It turned out that this was the thirty-seventh annual tour of the American Travelling Morrice.

If that doesn't help you, don't worry, it didn't help me much either.

But a little brochure that I found on the bench next to me did.  Apparently, Morris Dancing is a tradition of dance and music that can be found in England.  The dancers wear traditional "whites" to represent springtime.  However, being that it is summer, I was a little confused.

Some Americans enjoyed Morris dancing so much that they started the American Travelling Morrice in 1976.

And there you have it...

Morris Dancing.

I felt guilty for having so much fun that day, especially after I got the surprise of watching these men dance.  We headed home just after all the dancers danced their way into an ally next to this store.

And we ate cupcakes.

Delicious, chocolate cupcakes.

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