Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#46 He Buys Snails

In an effort to aide him in his job of cleaning the fish tank, hubby has been buying snails for sometime. Someone, somewhere (probably, say, the pet store?) recommended them to help keep the tank clean. But, all that our snails have ever done is die.

Right now we're on the last half of our third pair of snails. (Simply stated, our 6th snail). We would get a pair of snails, then one would die and the other would follow along shortly thereafter. Don't worry about me though. I don't get too attached. In fact, I'm so sentimental towards them that they all have the same name: Snaily.

I know, I'm super original.

This last snail has really amazed me. Not only has he hung on despite the odds being against him, but he's also been very mobile. I get real excited when I see his slimy bottom on the other side of the aquarium glass. Usually, with our other snails, all we could ever see was their shell.

(This is what I get to see on a good day).

And let me clarify, I don't like slugs. I like snails. In my tank. To look at, not to touch.

Okay, I had to say that.

It was mere chance when I saw true incredulousness from Snaily #6 the other night.

Here's how it went down. Hubby and I were already in bed. Like, for a few minutes already. Like, not wanting to get up again for at least a million and one years.

It was then from down below we heard a clang! clutter! crash! Rolling over with a groan, hubby got up, grabbed his weapon of choice, and headed downstairs prepared to meet the villain we assumed was in our kitchen.

I tried to stay upstairs, you know, in case there was an actual real intruder in the house and I needed to call the police and then hop out of my window to run for safety. But curiosity overcame me. I grabbed my cell phone and slowly headed downstairs.

That's when I saw this:

Well, excuse me, Snaily #6! Apparently Snaily #6 loves the nightlife. He's got to boogie...on the disco 'round...oh yea!


I was blown away. Hubby could have been wrestling down an ax murderer and I would have been on my knees, nose pressed into the aquarium glass, yelling for them both to come over and see how awesome my snail was.

Good thing the noise in the kitchen was just something that had fallen on top of the stove.

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