Thursday, March 29, 2012

#48 He Makes Piles

For years I lived in the oblivion that all families make piles.

My brother's girlfriend recently informed me, that no, not all families make piles.

I was shocked. What a terrific, yet terrifying, sibling bonding experience the world has been missing out on!

Many a day growing up, as I was seeking relaxation stretched out on the couch, I'd find myself shaken from my comfort mode into alert mode as brothers piled upon me with the only thought in their minds being to replace my relaxation with discomfort.

And although it takes my breath away every time, making piles are childhood memories I'd never replace.

Here, dear reader, is a pile:

This is a purely perfect pile. The faces of the participants of this pile depict the reality of being a part of a pile. On the bottom layer, we have my brother Joel. He is playing the part of the one who has been piled on. Typically, a person in this position doesn't see a pile coming until it is already in the midst of happening. Then, they're stuck. Note the sheer pain he is going through is represented by the fat vein bulging out in the middle of his forehead.

My sister-in-law, Sam, is on top. I love Sam. She'll jump right into something crazy like a pile without questioning or wondering why. The person on top is always happiest. They also, for the most part, control how long the pile stays in place.

Those in the middle share a sort of satisfaction with the person on top by knowing that they are adding to the person on bottom's pain. (Notice the look of delight on hubby's and Jonathan's faces).

But all piles are not quite as neat and lovely as this one.

Here's an ugly one:

This is a pile gone wrong for so many reasons. Number one, look at how content Joel looks on the bottom.

The person on bottom should never look content.

Second, those blankets just don't add to the mix. They take away from the pure discomfort that a pile should cause.

Third, look at how twisted second layer Jonathan is. This kind of positioning helps to take away the pain from those on the lower levels.

Lastly, hubby, well...I have no words at the present moment.

Regardless if it's a pile done wrong or a pile done right, all in all, I love piles. They are a surefire bonding experience filled with laughter, discomfort, and love.

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