Saturday, March 3, 2012

#43 He Chooses Atlantic City

While we were dating, my hubby and I spent many a summer day in Atlantic City. While this is my overriding reason why I will always love Atlantic City, there are so many others.

Oh, so many others.

1. Shopping

The hot spots include:
  • Tanger Outlets The Walk; After all, who doesn't love discount prices on their favorite brands?
  • The Quarter at the Tropicana; My favorite store: The Old Farmer's Almanac General Store
  • The Pier Shops at Caesar's; My favorite store: It'Sugar, pictured below

It'Sugar is one of the places that I have to go to when I'm in Atlantic City no matter what. And even if I'm not particularly craving anything in specific (like that could ever happen) I have to buy something there too. Yesterday, it was a lot of somethings as I came home with a bag filled to .48 of a pound with sugary delights.

2. The Boardwalk

T'was a sad sad day when I learned that there are actually beaches without the magical feel of a boardwalk filled with dozens of pizza shops, game booths galore, and stores pushing $5 souvenirs. Yes, it was a sad sad day indeed.

I've gotten to the point where I never buy anything on the boardwalk anymore (with the exception, of course, being a honking slice of pizza), but I still love to walk up and down the boardwalk filling my mind with wonder of all the strange spectacles that lace up and down the walkway.

3. Seagulls

Because, what would life at the beach be without those pesky creatures?

This guy was so greedy, he tried to swallow a good quarter of a piece of pizza down whole so that he didn't have to share it with his friends.

I didn't say I agree with their morals, we just need to have them around.

4. Food

Aside from numerous buffets that casinos always have which are guaranteed to make me roll out of the casino rather than walk out, there are also other delicacies.

Such as donuts. Donuts, donuts, donuts!

Bally's is home to the best glazed donut I've ever had, hands down. Formerly known as "Gold Tooth Gertie's" the "Corner Cafe" is on the walk from the casino to the Claridge Tower. This is where I have my breakfast, and yes, it is 100% healthy.

How? Because I said so.

5. Free

Who doesn't want something for free?

As much as I love the homey, clean feel of 'dry' beach areas, I'm done with paying $5 (or more) per person to sunbathe and not swim.

I like a free beach.

I also like free hotel rooms. If you gamble, even just a little, you get comps out the wazoo for free rooms.

6. Boardwalk Empire

In the last year, I've become addicted to the HBO show, "Boardwalk Empire", about Atlantic City in the 20s during the start of prohibition. It is based on the non-fiction book "Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City" by Nelson Johnson.

After two seasons, the city finally seems to be embracing the show. During the first season, the most representation the show had was a billboard sign. Now, they have a mock set up of the town from the 20s at what once was a very empty spot on the boardwalk.

Someone also got a brilliant idea to rebuild the Ritz into condominiums with an entryway that strongly resembles that of the past.

I was about as excited as I could possibly get. The only thing that stunk was the condo entrance was locked. So I had to settle with pressing my nose to the glass door, scanning the room with my eyes, and imagining myself standing in the foyer of the Ritz, back in the 1920s.

Bottom line, I really love Atlantic City.

And always will.

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  1. I love AC too. I love getting really into something, like a show or a place. This was fun to read.