Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#55 He Plays 'Call of Duty'

This post is going to come back to bite me.  But I have to say it, I love that my hubby plays 'Call of Duty'.  

The first reason, and best one that I can come up with, is this:

That's right, that photo was completely unrehearsed and unprepared for.  As I considered posting it, I thought, "Maybe the world isn't ready for such a photo," (Especially considering that Joel's shirt is off).  Then, I reminded myself of the truth that candid camera tells.

Is the shirt off because he's hot from working out or from playing the game?

And look at the seriousness in both faces.  When hubby looks like that, he can't hear.  At all.  Not a word.  I could roll around the room doing cartwheels (no, actually I couldn't because I have zero upper body strength) or be ablaze with fire dashing back and forth in front of him and he wouldn't know I was there.

Even the photos they knew I was taking are priceless:

I think Joel is in physical pain here.

This is serious business, people.

But I do have another reason why I like my hubby playing 'Call of Duty'.

I get to have a little time to myself.  So much time that I sometimes think crazy things like:  "Gee, I wonder what all my heels would looks like spread out on my staircase,"

 Well, in case you were wondering that yourself...

 This is what it looks like:

Oh, didn't I mention my crazy shoe fetish?

You can say it, I have problems.  I know it because that's only my heels.

I wonder what I will think up next time 'Call of Duty' is on....


  1. Nice shoe collection!

  2. ahahaha... favorite post so far!! i LOVE when tom is playing video games.. i get so much done because he's not in my way!! the only downside is if i happened to actually need something from him because he is completely dead the the world