Thursday, June 7, 2012

#56 He is Named Like One of Arthur's Knights

When hubby and I first started dating there were occasionally issues.

(Gasp, I know).

And occasionally my parents would step in by speaking to me privately about such problems.   They began one such trespass into the issue like this, "Jess, you know we like Lance, alot"....

Of course, there was no pause after Lance, and it came out, "Lancelot".

Thus ended the serious conversation that day.

This said, my parents recently treated my family with a trip to the NJ Renaissance Fair.  Having never been to any other Renaissance Fair in my life, I cannot compare it to anything.  I can only express my experience through pictures I took and comments to match accordingly.

This is the view we were greeted with upon entering.  (Don't worry, there was a lot more).

We then came upon the group "4 piece of 8" in the middle of an interesting performance.  Then, it started to pour so we had to seek cover by eating.

That's right, I said by eating.

We could not seek cover any other way.

This led to my relationship with this ginormous turkey leg.

And I 'et it all.

Just kidding.  My sister-in-law helped.  So did my lil' bro.

The rain stopped just in time for the turkey leg to find its way into the trashcan.  We headed over to watch glass be made into interesting things.

This is apparently how it happens:

My attention span was only so strong so I left the glass tent no more educated on how glass can be formed into shapes by fire and gazed upon these amateurs trying to shoot a bow and arrow.

I avoided calamity with a dangerous swamp.

Then I watched about five minutes of a peasant trial. (Either the guy holding the basket is on trial, or he will be soon for stealing that basket).

I saw Robin Hood chillin'.  It didn't look at all like he was robbing the rich to help the poor.  But, maybe I caught him on an off day...

A weird fellow was taunting people to throw tomatoes at him.

And apparently many people did.

 Enough said.

People  paid money to sword fight with one another.  This was probably the one thing I would have been willing to try, but not really because I think the mask thing would have made me feel claustrophobic.  

And I have an extreme fear of pointy objects.

That aside, it looked like loads of fun.

And before we called it a day, we watched two men ride out on horses to joust.  But once my little brother saw the horses he had enough.  So, we only saw men half dressed in armor riding on horses wearing dresses.

It's pretty fun to be taken back into another time period for a few hours.  The environment as a whole from people passing by, to the performers, to those selling their wares was entertaining, to say the least.

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