Friday, July 6, 2012

#63 He Tries to Surprise Me

Before school ended this year, my hubby surprised me.  

Well, he wanted to surprise me.

Last year, during the last week of school, you might remember that he sent me an azalea bush as a "Happy End of The Year-You Made It!" gift.

This year, he had planned to buy me the Kitchen Aid mixer I had been pestering him about.  He was going to set it up on the kitchen table so that when I came home on my last day it would be there as a surprise.

But of course, because I sometimes exhibit behavior that no one could ever plan for, his surprise had to change. is, as you know, one of my favorite places in the world to shop.  Because of that I get all sorts of offers via email.  At that time, I received notice of an offer for 20% off of all home appliances.  Naturally, I texted my hubby that very minute hinting to him about the wonderful sale and how it was the perfect time to get a Kitchen Aid mixer.  

In the back of my mind, the part that does all the day dreaming, I hoped.  Yet, the front of my mind, the part that always thinks so clearly and logically, I figured it wasn't going to happen.

Moments later, I learned of the surprise he had been planning.  I was then told that he would rather save money than surprise me.

And I agreed.

And because I have Amazon Prime, my Kitchen Aid Mixer was delivered to my home two days later.

I was just a little, no, a lot excited.

Look at how it mixed with such ease, such precision, such beauty.

I did instantly arrive at a problem upon receiving my mixer.  I had zero space left in my kitchen for another appliance.

So naturally, I just made hubby arrive at the idea that we had a need for a kitchen cart upon which my Kitchen Aid mixer could stay.

And now, my kitchen is complete.


I'd really love one of those immersion blenders.  They seem pretty nifty.

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