Saturday, July 14, 2012

#65 He Takes Me on Surprise Vacations

A week ago my hubby informed me that he would be off work the following week.  (If you're doing the math, that means he told me two days before he would be off that he would be off).  He followed this by, "What days do you have nothing to do".

Nothing to do?  Being the perfect housewife that I am, there could not possibly be a single day where I have 'nothing to do'.

However, I could see where his question was going so I told him that I could make my Thursday and Friday clear for him.

After about an hour of brainstorming, we randomly decided to go to Niagara Falls, Canada for two nights.

Minutes after booking our hotel, we realized that to stay in Canada, unlike the days of old, current passports are a must have.

This was no problem for me.  My passport had been renewed when I was married and had my name changed.  My hubby's, however, had expired last year.  Therefore, we had about five days to acquire a current passport for him.

Our trip then changed from starting mid-afternoon on Wednesday, to at the crack of dawn Wednesday.

And the U.S. Passport Agency of Buffalo, NY suddenly became our new best friend.  We arrived in Buffalo around 12:45 pm after about seven hours on the road.  We were an hour and 15 minutes early for hubby's appointment.  Yet, after some wandering about the town, we decided to try our luck at going in early.

Two and half hours later we were headed for Canada.  Buffalo didn't hold too much interest for us.  We found an out of print book store and The Chocolate Martini Bar both which we loved.

Yet, nothing beats NYC for a true city feel.  Anything less always tends to disappoint us.

30 minutes later we were crossing the border into Canada.

And just a few minutes later I was standing at my hotel window sighing at this sight:

The Horseshoe Falls 

Yes, this picture was taken from my hotel window.  I was in love.

The American Falls

This one too.

Later, as we moseyed around town, we looked up into the sky and saw this:

That is the Skylon Tower and Jay Cochrane, "The Prince of the Air".  Every day at 7 pm he walks a quarter mile at over 50 stories high from the Skylon Tower to the Fallsview Hilton Hotel.  While walking, he talks to the audience via microphone.

After watching this spectacle for a while, we were forced away to dinner reservations.  I wish I had taken pictures of my meal.  It was that incredible.  Yet, I was so hungry I lost my mind and completely forgot about my camera.  

We ate at Remington's of Niagara where the waitresses walk around singing famous pop songs as you eat.  I ordered the Pan Seared Filet of Salmon and was so overcome with delight that I could only hum about how delicious it was.

We asked our server when she would be singing and she informed us that those who sing get payed more.

She opted not to sing.  I have a feeling that many probably do.

The night was glorious and I found myself secretly planning a way to postpone my return to America.

To be continued...

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