Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#62 He Lets Me Make Up Traditions

I'm all about traditions.  I'm also all about creating traditions out of the blue.

It happens kind of like this.  While with your family or group of close friends, usually on a holiday, you realize you're all together doing something that is the complete idea of fun for all of you.  Then someone says, "We should do this every year,"

Now it has just become a tradition.

That is, as long as you all remember that you just made it a tradition.

This Fourth of July I decided my idea of a fun Fourth is this: going to the movies, having a barbecue at my parents', going to my grandmother's pool, and eating Crack Jack.

If I see fireworks, that's nice.  If I don't, that's fine too.

I'm sure you're wondering about the Crack Jack.  When I was younger I can distinctly remember being at my Pop and Gram's house on the Fourth of July.  We had just finished swimming and were getting ready to go home.

Now, the next point is a little foggy.  We were either headed to go see fireworks, or we stopped during the drive home to watch fireworks.  Either way, something involving fireworks occurred.

But, just before we left, my grandfather handed my older brother, Justin, and me a fun pack.  It had tiny little amusements that children enjoy, but most importantly, it also had a box of Cracker Jack.

And ever since that day I've associated Crack Jack with the Fourth of July.

So this Fourth I made it my mission to have some.

It was a little saddening to only find it in the bag, but it was still Cracker Jack nonetheless.

And I was happy with my new found tradition.

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