Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#64 He Crosses Through Pathways

There are many pathways we are given the opportunity to cross during our lifetime.  Some we will cross only once.  We go through them and then perhaps one day will reminisce about them.  How we wish we could return to them.  Or how we are so glad we will never have to return to them.  

Others we will cross so often we will hardly notice they are there.

Some of these pathways are required.  The pathway of my grandmother's backyard leads to her pool which is not only representative of my childhood summers, but also my mother's.  This pathway could simply lead to a gate mandated by the government that all pool owners have installed for safety's sake, yet it's not.  The pink roses that grow over the arch of the gate each year speak of my grandmother's love and dedication to her home.  This pathway represents a life built between two people who fell in love and wanted to make the best of what they had.

Some pathways are man made.  The neighbors to the east of my parent's home have lived there my entire life.  The husband, my mother's past high school teacher, passed away a few years ago.  His wife became another grandmother to my brothers and me.  There is a pathway leading to her home from ours.  The path grows no grass after being trodden on continuously over the past 20-something years.  The bushes though have been cut with love to ensure that the pathway between our homes always exists and can easily be crossed.

What pathways are in your life?  Do you embrace them?  Do you recognize their existence?  Can you see those that are built with love?


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