Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#69 He likes Hip Hop

Some people say that opposites attract.  However, others hold the opinion that it isn't healthy for two people in love to not share many common interests.  For example, when hubby and I began dating he informed me that according to his uncle's standards, we would not last as a couple.  There was one important aspect about the two members of a relationship that his uncle felt would stand the test of time.

Music choices.  

My husband was, and still is, musically persuaded by the sounds of hip hop and popular songs played on today's radio stations.  I've always leaned towards classical, jazz, and oldies of the 50s-80s.

I guess after ten years together we've beaten the odds.

That said, music isn't the only difference about hubby and me.  He likes sports.  I hate them.  I play instruments.  He won't even try to learn.  He likes historical and political conversations.  I enjoy them in small doses.  I like my home styled towards country living, with trinkets everywhere.  He wants modern style, with lots of empty spaces.

I could go on, but for sake of you worrying that we are not a perfect match I'll stop with this one:

I love farms.  I love farm fairs.  He has absolutely no interest in either and would rather just stay home (in our country styled abode).  However, last year he was a saint and took me to the farm fair by our house.  I loved every single aspect of it and knew right then and there that I must one day have a farm of my very own.  (At the mention of such a thing, hubby instantly groaned and laughed, both as the same time).  

This year, he sent me off to the farm fair with my brothers and SIL and chose to stay home (blaring hip hop music the whole time, I'm sure).

We saw a lot of the same things as last year.

Like chickies hatching.  (I considered stealing a few, but figured they would start to chirp and give me away).

By the way, this picture is from last year.  The chickies this year looked much more new born.  (Much more new born, what a phrase!)

We saw sheep.  

We did not see sheep shearing.  I was a little sad about this.  But, we did get to pet two sheep that had been sheared.

Sheep had been sheared...another interesting word combo.

My brother, Jonathan, came to the farm fair only for the rides.  I came hoping to avoid them completely.

I'm not interested in rides at a standard theme park, so I am especially never interested in rides that travel from place to place getting built up and then taken down.  Something just seems very wrong and unsafe about that.  

Jonathan convinced Joel to go on rides with him.  Joel sure was a trooper.  He's just like me and gets pretty sick feeling after being thrown around and about in the air by a ride made to completely confuse and ruin at least three of your five senses.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing more adorable than this photo.

I felt pretty sick watching them.  Actually, very sick.  It might have been just as bad if I had gone on the rides myself.  So, I went and got the one thing that spells F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L for me.

Kettle corn!  Oh, kettle corn, how I love you, let me count the ways.  I love that you aren't regular popcorn, so boring and plain.  I love that you are sweet like candy, yet crunchy like potato chips.  I love that I could eat piece after piece and not gain a pound because you come from corn, so you're healthy and calorie free.

Ok, I'll stop now.

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